BMW Repair Houston | (713) 999-3606 | Best BMW Auto Repair In Houston

BMW Repair Houston | (713) 999-3606 | Best BMW Auto Repair In Houston

We are the Best BMW Repair Shop in Houston. If you’re driving the ultimate driving machine is giving you the ultimate warning sign. Call us at (713) 999-3606 to avoid paying outrageous dealer service prices.

We offer the Best BMW Auto Repair and Service in Houston. We understand that as a BMW owner you have many choices when choosing which BMW repair shop to place your trust in. Many BMW owners make the mistake of calling around to general automotive repair shops in Houston and telling the shop their problem and asking for the price to fix their BMW.

The problem with this method of finding the best BMW auto repair hop in Houston is that you’ll get caught by a less than ethical auto repair shops in Houston, that will under quote just to get you, and your BMW in the door and then once the papers are signed and the vehicle is in the shop, you’ll start receiving calls about all the things under the sun that are wrong with your vehicle.
Worse still is the verbal estimate provided over the phone. It’s just that a verbal estimate, and the shop does not have to honor it because It was based on your own diagnosis of the problem with your BMW. And not the shops own diagnostic review.

As a result you have wasted a day or two without your BMW and if you’re like most BMW driver and owners, you’ve probably got a rental car that is costing you to per day. At which point you succumb to the demands of the auto repair shop you have trusted to do right by you.

To prevent getting ripped off. You should call around and ask the following questions:
1. What is your hourly rate and on what basis do you charge
2. Are your mechanics BMW certified
3. What warranty do you offer on BMW repairs
4. Do you use genuine BMW part, after market, re-manufactured or used junk BMW parts
5. Is the estimate provided fixed, or are there any variables I need to know about
6. Are you a small shop or part of a larger operations
7. Who owns the business
8. How long have you been in the business of repairing BMW’s and providing BMW Service
9. How long has your manager been with you
10. Does your business visibly display its liability insurance policy. Can I see it?

The answers to the above questions for the most part will save you from getting in to hot soup with a local auto repair shop that may not have the skills or experienced BMW mechanics.

Our services include, but not limited to:
1. BMW Tune-ups
2. BMW Brake Replacement
3. General BMW auto repair
4. BMW Engine Repair and BMW Engine Rebuild
5. BMW Transmission Service, BMW Transmission Repair and Rebuilt BMW Transmission
6. And more…

For the ultimate driving machine we offer the ultimate BMW repair and service experience.

We are the best BMW auto repair shop in Houston.

To learn why and how we provide the best BMW auto repair in Houston. Give us a call on (713) 999-3606. See and Feel the Difference.

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